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  • Amsterdam, Netherlands

About Us

The Fatna’s Charity Garden fundation originated from the conviction that every person has the right to a humane living environment. The foundation is therefore fully committed to trying to realize its ideals. In addition to periodic donations and gifts, collection campaigns (often via social media) are also organised. With Islam as inspiration, the foundation strives to achieve a better living environment for poor families, the homeless, orphans and socially disadvantaged. Activities in the medical field are also being set up to provide financial support to poor families and those in need of care.


The mission of the foundation is to collect donations/gifts and coordinate, manage and distribute them in an effective manner among poor families and the needy.

This mission is at the same time our goal to make a financial and social contribution to the improvement of the basic living conditions of poor families and the needy.


The foundation also strives to fulfill an ideal social role